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host family tips: how to say "see you later"

Saying goodbye to your exchange student who has become a family member is tough - read some tips on how host families ease the transition.

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Meet Valerio from Italy, our Student Ambassador for the month of February. 

Oftentimes, the most memorable moments of an exchange experience are the in-between, everyday parts that make up the unforgettable whole. It's the "little things"--the late night family dinners, carpool karoke sessions and dog walks around the neighborhood--that frame an exchange year, and ultimately,  create a world of difference. We asked some of our students and host families to share the little things that have made the difference for them this year:

Reading to my little sister and putting her to bed at the end of the day
-Lucas, student from Denmark

Riding around on the combine with my host dad during harvest season
- Giorgia, student from Italy

Finishing puzzles at night with the whole family
-Laure, host mom in South Dakota

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