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host family tips: how to say "see you later"

Saying goodbye to your exchange student who has become a family member is tough - read some tips on how host families ease the transition.

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Hear from our new EF Regional Coordinator Jason and his wife Jenny about their first experience hosting two exchange students at the same time:

About 10 years ago, Floyd Romero heard an announcement at church about needing host families for international exchange studentsThis tugged at his heart and, without speaking with his wife, he signed up. To Floyd’s surprise, his wife Jan was just as thrilled as he was, and she immediately got on board with the plan.

In 1987, Jana’s family in small-town Kentucky hosted Lise, an EF exchange student from Denmark. Here they are in high school – big 80’s hair and all – enjoying a school dance. The girls didn’t know it then, but they’d form a bond that would last decades.

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